"...if his music could be put into art, it would no doubt be appropriate for the cover of a romance novel..." 

"...Let’s face it; we just don’t hear nearly enough of this kind of ultra-romantic music these days..."

"...On Somewhere in Time, Arthur Batakin proves that the old-fashioned love song is still a workable entity and that there’s no limit to the passion that he brings to his music..."

"...Arthur’s voice brings drama and life to the songs that he performs. These songs are all about love, longing and romance, but those qualities couldn’t be conveyed quite so well without his voice..."

"...A smooth romantic crooner with a touch of European passion – the perfect music accompaniment for candle lit dinners, red wine with friends and cozy nights by the fire!..."

 "...One of the most memorable of the love songs featured here is the album’s opening track, “Falling In Love.”  Arthur’s lyrics really speak to the heart.  They also appeal to anyone who longs for the fairy-tale romance.  This is the song that could very well be played during a romantic comedy when the guy gets the girl and they share the final long, deep kiss, and all the women in the theatre sigh.  If you aren’t in the mood to watch a romantic comedy, just play this song and you’ll get the same heartfelt sigh in only a matter of minutes..."

"...It never ceases to be entertaining..."